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Join our Summer Camps running from 9am to midday - for full details visit our Junior or Senior training pages.

Welcome to Fundamental Fitness & Athletics For Kids - getting children enjoying physical activity

Our aim is to get children involved and enjoying participating in physical activity regardless of their ability or background. Our sessions develop key fundamental movements that not only improve sporting ability but everyday life tasks. By enrolling your child in our sessions we can help your child develop into a more healthy, sporting and confident person through Fitness & Athletics!

Fundamental Fitness and Athletics development centres are based in and around the Reading area and provide all the training and competitions for the youth premier league team, Reading Athletics Clubs, junior section, as well as working in partnership with numerous local schools and youth sporting groups. They have been created to get more children involved in sports and to help improve their health and physical ability. Whilst our fitness and athletics training sessions are designed to help your child develop their sporting standard, the main aim of the sessions is to get as many children as possible to have fun, gain self-confidence and enjoy being involved in exercise. There is strong evidence that physical activity has numerous health benefits for children, both physically and mentally.

UK Athletics trainerFundamental Fitness & Athletics classes are structured and co-ordinated by Charlotte Webb, a Level 2 qualified UKA coach, who works closely with Reading Athletics Club. You can read more about Charlotte here. Our group training sessions are taught by qualified UKA coaches who are DBS cleared and include ex-olympic and national level athletes. We also provide 1-1 training at £30 per hour session or £20 for 30 mins.

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All our classes are now available to view and book online, including the Free Taster Sessions just click on the Book Now button from either the 4-8 Sessions or 9-14 Sessions pages.

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Our Fitness & Athletics Classes Helping Your Child Get Fit For Life

Athletics as a sport is first and foremost based on 6 key fundamental movements, these in turn enable you to run, jump and throw effectively. These same 6 basic fundamentals are vital to every single sport and everyday life movements.

Beginners Welcome

If you are completely new to sport this is a great way to help develop a strong base that will allow you to feel much more physically fit and confident in yourself, and in your performance as time goes on.

Developing Existing Skills

Whether you are a football player looking for more speed, a rugby player looking for more power or a netball player trying to develop your agility our sessions will help you improve yourself and your game.

Complete Fundamentals

Many children will be fast, strong or have great endurance whilst still lacking one or more of these key skills - imagine how much faster, stronger or further they could run if they where to develop all their fundamentals.

Group or 1 to 1 sessions

Although most sessions are held within a group, 1 to 1 coaching is available tailored individuals needs and offering direct and immediate feedback. This will allow students to progress faster.

Back to Basics

By taking training right back to basics, this allows students to build a far stronger foundation and they will see a much greater increase in athletic performance in whichever sport they choose to pursue. We will start out by working with the fundamental movements, and as athletes progress and have a stronger platform for performance, we then begin to work on developing training skills and further physical abilities that help underpin the more advanced technical skills.

Skills such as agility, balance, co-ordination, endurance, flexibility, speed and strength will all be developed through our training programs as well as the basics in the majority of athletic disciplines. Children will also learn the importance of warming up ready for exercise, and cooling down afterwards. Doing these effectively will help them achieve a greater level of performance and reduce injury risks.

Some Startling Facts

Healthy lifestyle and eating habits of children have been prominent in the media for a number of years. In 2016;
  • 1 in 10 reception aged children were classified as obese, increasing to 1 in 5 by year 6
  • Only 16% of children consume 5 or more pieces of fruit or vegetables a day. 49% females and 54% males eat less than 3
  • Only 28% of 5-7 year olds meet national guidelines on physical activity, which drops to 16% by age 11-12

Are you looking to encourage your child to get fit for life? Contact us today.


Charlotte is a dedicated coach, my son has been with her for years and now has my youngest with her, fantastic with kids and such a passion for athletics. Highly recommend.

Online reviewer

Super friendly knowledgeable and inspiring young coach Charlotte puts the Fun in Fundamentals

Rob McKim

Charlotte is a talented and inspiring athlete. She has a very encouraging demeanour and gets the best from all the children she works with. Our son has really enjoyed the variety of athletics experience that the training offers.

Charlotte Allchin

Charlotte is an excellent coach and has a great way with kids.

Julian Starkey